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Time to Pawty!


Why should people get all the parties? Dogs are important family members and deserve to be celebrated! Here are some ideas to celebrate your fur babies with Dogsters®!

Photo of dog licking Dogsters Ice Cream

1) Paw-some Invitations

Photo of invitations

Design adorable invites with paw prints and doggy graphics, highlighting the star of the party – Dogters Ice Cream®. Get tails wagging with anticipation from the very beginning.

2) Tasty Doggy Buffet

Photo of 2 dogs licking ice cream out of the same bowl

Craft a delectable buffet featuring an array of Dogsters Ice Cream® flavors in pup-sized cups. Watch your canine guests indulge in delight while staying refreshed.

3) Interactive Play Stations

Photo of dog wearing cool party sunglasses

Set up play zones with textures, bubbles, and engaging toys for endless entertainment. Introduce a special Dogsters Ice Cream® station, allowing furry pals to cool off.

4) Charming Canine Photo Booth

Photo of puppy kissing booth

Capture memories with a dedicated photo booth showcasing Dogsters Ice Cream®. Dogs and humans alike can strike a pose, immortalizing the joyful moments.

5) Party Favors and Goodie Bags

Photo of puppy with its head in a party favor bag

Send guests home with personalized goodie bags containing dog-friendly treats, toys, and a sample of Dogsters Ice Cream®. The perfect finale to a paws-itively fantastic celebration.


Elevate your dog's special occasion by incorporating Dogsters Ice Cream® into the festivities. With adorable invites, a delectable buffet, engaging play zones, charming photos, and thoughtful party favors, your furry friend's celebration will be a resounding success.

*This is only an idea for alternative uses of our product, no additional supplies comes with purchase.